Friday, April 8, 2011

Pet Peeves (#1)

Pet Peeves. Surely I am not alone when I say I have a journal full long list of them. These aren't in any particular order....#1 doesn't mean it's the one that gets under my skin the most, just the one I felt like complaining about right now. We all need to vent about SOMETHING every now and then, right (ohhhhh, please say yes)? My adult conversation time is limited.... Mama must vent at some point, and what better place to dump it on someone share it, than here??   ;-)

People that merge into your lane when there isn't room for them and their car.

Okay, people that live/grew up in larger towns/cities may find this one amusing. Heavy traffic, forceful merging (just came up with that one), honking horns, it's all part of everyday life, right? WRONG. I grew up on a small island that is about 6 miles off the coast of Maine. Year round population, approx. 350 people. No traffic lights. No need to merge, anywhere. Highest speed limit, 40. Yes, I got off-island (by car ferry), and experienced driving in heavier traffic, but to put it in perspective, the area I live in now has a population that is about 1/5 the population of  the State of Maine.

Please pardon me while I reminisce for a moment.....

The Ferry Dock

The Ferry

The lighthouse on the island where I grew up
 ....and last of all.....

Me, rowing a boat (please join me in singing), 2 summer ago. Yes, I'm heading towards the boat that's behind me. So far so good. : -)

Soooooo,  I was driving my daughter to daycare yesterday morning, and as usual, I stayed in the middle lane (out of 3), because I know that at a certain point on that street, the far right lane has to either turn right or merge. I prefer to just know I'm in the lane I need to be in, even though I was stuck behind a bus. Well, most drivers don't like being behind buses, so they all go to the right to get out around it. One car was unsuccessful, so he forced his way into my lane. I had 2 options. 1. plow into the back rear panel on the driver's side of his car. 2. slam on my breaks and hope my daughter had a strong hold on her snack bowl full of cheerios. I opted for #2, while honking my horn. He throws his hands in the air (safe driving, moron) as if to say, "what else was I supposed to do??" Ummmmm... be a better, more considerate driver?? Use your side mirrors (they're NOT just for decoration...and it's harder for objects to appear closer when you're about to HIT them)?

Please don't think I'm a bad person. A little road rage once in awhile? Yes, I'm guilty. My son proved that one day when we were waiting to pull out into traffic, and he yelled at the cars in front of us, "Come on people, MOVE!"  Oops.

 I do let people merge in front of me, quite often, but doing what this guy did? Uh uh.

Just a Note: Please feel free to chime in with a response. Agree with me? Disagree? Feel like venting? Come on, join in the fun. :-)

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  1. That drives me crazy, too. In my neighborhood since people park on the street you sometimes have to drive on the wrong side of the road. Some people have apparently decided that's what they should do all the time. I've been honked at by someone driving down the wrong side of the road (unnecessarily, I might add) because I was driving on the right side of the road and I was in his way.

  2. That happened to me yesterday! Guy in a big red truck (jacked up so you need a step-ladder to get into it). He kept heading my way onto my side of the road. He flipped me off...I was stopped because I had no where else to go. Grrrrr... take responsibility instead of blaming everyone else for your poor driving skills, please.

  3. I totally agree!! Inconsiderate drivers are a *huge* pet peeve of mine - especially if I have the kiddles in the car! I can't stand "forceful mergers" or when people don't use their turn signals to communicate...just rude IMO. I'm sometimes prone to a little road rage, lol. I realized how often when I heard my 3 year old daughter say the same thing as your son, lol! "Come on people, move!" =)

    ~ Mara

    p.s. I found your blog looking for baby gifts and came across your adorable burp cloths! =)