Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to 21 Days of Prayer for our Special Needs Sons!

"When we begin by pouring out our hearts to the Lord - about our children, about ourselves, and most of all in order to seek Him first - we will find the wisdom and discernment we desire (and NEED) is far more quickly found. And the grace and tenderness we want to give our children comes more naturally as a response to the grace and tenderness we have been given." ~ Parenting From The Overflow ~

Welcome! I started reading the book, Parenting From The Overflow, a few days ago, and this stood out to me, like it was yelling at me to pay attention. Parenting isn't always easy. It's never perfect. Add to that a child, a son, that struggles trying to communicate his wants, needs, and desires to you, his mother, and sometimes grace and tenderness can get lost in the mix. I've been there, trying to hold back tears as I watch my son get so frustrated because I don't understand what he wants. Some days patience seems to be lacking. Have you been there? I know you have. No matter what it is that makes our Angels so special, we've all been there, and are there on a daily basis.

God hears us. He's there with us during the good times and the bad. He sees our tears. He sees our joy. He rejoices with us and He hurts with us.

I pray that as we take this journey together, as we pray over our sons, that we'll more clearly see God in all that we do, and in everything around us. That it will make the rough days a little easier. That it will make the joyful, triumphant times even more wonderful. That during the times when we feel like we're so alone, we'll realize that we're never alone.

"All it takes to lose the truth of the Word of God is one set of parents who fail to teach it. And the result can be generations of men who don't know and fear the Lord. Imagine the impact for a moment." ~ Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys ~

We need to go to war for our sons, and the battle is best fought on our knees (taken from the Warrior Prayers book).

I'm ready for the battle. I'm excited about it. Day one, we'll be praying the Heart Change prayers (from the book) over our sons. Do this however it works for you. Get up early to pray, pray these prayers throughout the day, make it part of your family devotion time, praying out loud over your sons, pray at night before bedtime, or any other way/time that fits.

I encourage you to comment and interact here, sharing how this journey is going for you, for your family. Several of you have already connected with me on Facebook. Thank you for the emails, letting me know about your families.

I plan on having a link-up party each Friday (if I can figure out how to do it!), so those that want to, can link up their own post, sharing the journey with us. I will keep you posted on that. :-)

The Day 1 post should be up Tuesday morning. I am in the Central Time Zone. I hope all of you have a blessed and safe weekend!


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  1. Jamie,
    I am in your group for the 21 days of prayer. I am believing God to cover my boys as we go through a difficult time in our lives and to lay a foundation in their lives that will cause them to grow up to be men of valor! You can find me at
    I look forward to the next 21 days