Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick & Easy Gifts ~ Polymer Clay Bracelets

The possibilities are almost endless.

I found a Polymer Bracelet Tutorial over on Delighted Momma's blog, and the only word that came to mind was "brilliant". So easy, and yet it had never crossed my mind to try it! This takes us way beyond 3rd grade and making clay dishes and ashtrays for our parents. :-) This is awesome. So many choices! Chunky bracelet, thin bracelets to stack, somewhere in between. The mix of colors. The choices are kind of overwhelming. Do you know someone that loves bracelets? Know their favorite colors? Great! The hard part is done. :-) Have fun with it!

I have my clay, one of my bracelets to use for size, and one of my daughter's bracelets. She is a Princess, and must have her jewelry. : -)

First one... Light purple with black wrapped around it.

I discovered that using this pizza pan to roll out the bracelets gave me a smoother, more uniform roll.

I didn't like how the black covered most of it after rolling, so I wrapped a thin roll of the purple over it.

Twisted pink and brown together to wrap around the metallic purple. I used the excess from the pink/brown to make one of the smaller bracelets.

Here it is. : -)

Chunky bracelet. Can you tell I like a mix of colors?

Bracelets all ready to bake, at 275. I love the red/white one. There is a metallic  grey look to the white.  Very Christmasy.

All done! Baked and cooled. They all fit fine.  The photo doesn't show how vibrant the yellow is in the  yellow and tan/gold one.

My daughter's bracelets.

I'll definitely be making more of these in the next 2 weeks. : -)

I hope you'll give these a try! They are so much fun, and you can let your creative side go wild. :-)

Have a blessed day!

~ Jaime ~

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