Friday, May 20, 2011

5 Minute Friday - When Seasons Change...


When Seasons Change


My thoughts are scattered on this topic. I think of the winter snow melting away, the buds on the trees making an appearance as they slowly turn green. The first few flowers poking up through the ground in Spring. The hot Summer days, splashing around in a pool with the kids, longing for the crisp feeling of Fall. Getting sweaters out of the closet that you haven't seen since Spring. Watching the rainbow of colors that the trees show us as Fall arrives, and then the clean feeling of the first blanket of snow in Winter. Thanking God for each season, while also longing for the next one. "I'll be happy when Winter goes away and Summer is here." "Gosh, the heat is too much, I can't wait for Fall". :-)

I also think about Seasons in our lives. Hardships, Victories, Celebrations, Sorrows, Losses, New Life. Questioning God when you see someone in your church that you KNOW is a hypocrite, but pretends on the outside that they are a saint. Struggling to find yourself after a demeaning and abusive relationship. Celebrating when you finally find your voice and stand up for yourself. Finding out that your Son is Autistic, and then moving on from the shock, to take action and see what you can do to help him. Your Daughter arriving much earlier than she should, staying with her in the NICU, watching that tiny little baby hooked up to every tube imaginable. Moving 2500 miles from any family you have to make a clean and fresh start in life. Discovering you're not as stupid as you were once told. KNOWING in your heart that you can survive, that you're smart and capable. Finally coming to the realization that you don't need to question God because of other's actions, that you need to just take responsibility for your own life, and let God take care of the rest.



  1. Nicely done and I like that you talked about more than one seasonal change ie life..I got stuck on Fall!

  2. That has been a tough season for me to get through, too...understanding that I am only responsible for my own life and I really do need to just let God handle the rest. Thanks for the openness in your post.

  3. I don't question God when I see someone I know is a hypocrite. Some times I see the hypocrite staring back at me from the mirror. I guess the difference is I know what I am and try not to pretend I'm perfect and have all the answers for the rest of the world. A saint I ain't! God bless you for making tough choices and the great strides you have made!!