Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Commenting On Blogger

Just a quick note.... I am having trouble with blogger. I am unable to comment on ANYTHING, and on most blogs, the "followers" lists aren't showing up either. I have so many things I want to comment on, and blogs I want to start following. Each time I try and comment, it kicks me back out to sign into my google account, and then the comment preview shows me as "anonymous", and I can't even post that. It's been going on for almost 2 weeks, and I feel awful. I keep thinking, "good grief, others in the linky parties I'm participating in must think I am a stingy commenter". NOOOOOO. I feel bad that I can't leave some comment love. If you leave a link on my blog in a comment to visit your blog, I AM coming over to visit your blog, and once google stops being a pain in my backside, I will follow you as well. Thanks in advance for your understanding!  :-)


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  1. hiya , think eveeryone at one time or another last month was having this issue so lots of hair being pulled out ! lol but thankfully back to "normal" now !
    happy crafting