Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hoo Are You?

It's that time again!


Here are this weeks questions:

1. How often do you wash your vehicle?
2. When riding in a car with someone who usually drives, them or you?
3. How many states have you traveled to or through?
4. What kind of music do you listen to the most?
5. Do you prefer the window down or air-conditioning?

My answers:

1. I used to wash it occasionally, myself, and rarely took it through a car wash. Now, with water restrictions here in West TX, I don't wash it at all. If you see a dust ball on wheels, it's probably me. :-)

Taken 2 years ago... Gotta love having helpers. : -)

Couldn't resist adding this one. Baby Girl loves to help.

2. I usually drive. I don't mind driving, and it gives my Fiancee a chance to relax and/or read for a while. If it's a longer trip, we share the driving.

Me, driving... on our way to Riodoso N.M (the trip where he proposed!)
: -)

3. I have been to and/or through 31 states. It's easy to travel through a lot of the smaller states when you live in the Northeast. :-)   I drove with all of my worldly possessions when I moved from Maine to Texas, and I went to school in Tennessee, so that helped boost the number a bit. I had the chance about 3 years ago to take a helicopter ride from Las Vegas, over the Hoover Dam and down into a part of the Grand Canyon. Beyoootiful.  I would love to go to the other 19 states. Someday. :-)

Me and the future Hubs in Boston, MA. Ummm, can you tell which team we were rooting for?? : -)

4. I mostly listen to K-Love (Contemporary Christian). Also like Country music, and Classic Rock. Oh yeah, love the Beatles.

5. I always used to prefer having the window down, and then I moved to TX and can't imagine what I would do without air-conditioning. :-)

- Couldn't find a photo to go with this one. :-)

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  1. Bahaha "Dust ball on wheels" that is TOO funny. And totally describes my car!

    Love your blog and love that we definitely have classic rock in common! ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing alittle about yoU! Hey, I got your comment on my blog about not being able to follow anyone. Have you tried Firefox instead of internet explorer? I have all kinds of trouble with explorer in the blogging world!

  3. That could almost be my post too. My radio is permanetly on KLOVE. :)